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Electromagnetic Fields in Biology & Medicine: Special Issue

Special Journal Issue: 

The International Journal of Radiation Biology, published on Oct 15, 2018, a Special Issue- “Electromagnetic Fields in Biology & Medicine”. These published papers were presented at a joint conference of the 7th European Medical and Biological Engineering Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics in Tampere, Finland, June 2017. The Special Issue Editorial  describes the studies and provides some links.

Non-Thermal Effects Explained by Physics

The non-thermal effects of microwave radiation are explained by Hinrlkus et al et al, describing the different physical effects of polarization and hydrogen bond weakening. The researchers state, “The synchronous cumulative impact of coherent MW electric field makes possible the field-induced effect despite the field strengths are much weaker than intermolecular fields… the exposure by MW radiation can create the specific consequences in biology and materials not characteristic for conventional heating.”

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Thanks to Dr. Joel Moskowitz for his information.

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