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Driverless, Hybrid and Electric Cars

Updated 8/18/21


Driverless cars are one of the major reasons there is a push for 5G cell towers and IoT. Self driving cars are already here however and connect to 4G systems and Wi Fi protocols. Some argue that 5G is a myth and not really needed. Telecom however is proposing a V2X system where cars have hundreds of sensors that connect over networks to everything.

What are the downsides of this new technology in addition to not having a real driver paying attention at the wheel? The amount of radiation exposure, both from radio frequency and magnetic fields, is especially concerning with the results of the new NTP study on cell phones and cancer. DNA damage and cardiomyopathy were also found in the study group.

What are the concerns?

Will Driverless Cars Cause DNA Damage and Cancer? April 15, 2018.  John P. Thomas, MSPH, writes in Health Impact News:

DAS Technology: Computers Take Over – Privacy Gone

“DAS equipped cars warn drivers when they start migrating out of their lane or get to close to another vehicle. DAS active cruise control can slow the car or speed it up depending on proximity to other vehicles on the road, and DAS cars can even take total control over the car to handle the sometimes-difficult process of parallel parking. [4]”

Hybrid and Electric Car Radiation Risks

Dr. Joel Moskowitz has compiled a robust list of articles and research papers on the measurements and risks of hybrid and electric cars at .

Here are a few scientific articles from

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Roadway Safety Institute Explanation of the Wi Fi and GPS Enabled Driverless Cars

2016 Fall Seminar #8: Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC): What, Why, and How

Brian Daugherty, CTO of the Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA) Discusses Cybersecurity and the Sensor Fusion Aspects of Driverless Cars

 DSRC or 5G Innovation and Impact
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