Cindy Sage, M.A.

Cindy Sage, M.A. is an environmental sciences consultant and researcher on electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation. She is a founder of the international BioInitiative Working Group, and the co-editor and principal author of the BioInitiative Reports (2007 and 2012).  Ms. Sage has provided expert testimony and scientific briefings on non-ionizing radiation to the European Environmental Agency (Denmark), the European Commission (Brussels), UK Health Protection Agency, UK Children with Leukemia registered charity, and various international health agencies, US Department of Justice, Federal Communications Commission, US Food and Drug Administration, public utilities commissions, US Green Building Council, state legislative committees, and numerous state and municipal agencies and commissions.  She co-authored the 2010 Seletun (Norway) Scientific Consensus Statement on Wireless RFR Risks.  In 2002, she worked with the California Department of Education on new EMF Title 5 School Siting EMF/Transmission Line School Development Policies, and briefed the California Energy Commission Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) committee on EMF/RFR recommended exposure levels.  She has developed science-based recommendations for limiting non-ionizing radiation exposures based on scientific benchmarks for adverse health impacts and safety margins, and publishes frequently in peer-reviewed scientific journals.   She has testified as an expert witness on electromagnetic fields and EMF computer modeling in eminent domain cases in judicial proceedings of both US federal and state courts.

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