Mission Vision Goals


We are a group of physicians and health professionals whose mission is to provide trusted leadership in promoting, healthy and safe environments through the safer use of technology at home, in schools, in the workplace, in healthcare settings and in communities.

Our aim is to prevent acute and chronic diseases by encouraging understanding of the connection between the public, psychosocial and environmental health effects of using modern technology.

This site will help to advance and translate multidisciplinary science regarding health and environmental impacts of wireless and digital technologies and provide recommendations for health professionals, policymakers and the public.


A world where technology serves our needs without undermining our physical, psychosocial or environmental health.

Our Goals are to

  • Protect public and individual health, particularly children;
  • Educate clinicians on the adverse health effects of technology use, providing tools for the diagnosis and treatment of patients;
  • Provide recommendations for the safer design and operation of healthcare settings, schools, homes and businesses;
  • Engage educators and school officials on the adverse physical and mental health impacts of the overuse of digital media and exposure to wireless devices;
  • Build collaboration among health, environmental, technology and academic groups to improve the health and well-being of our communities;
  • Advocate for the application of “the Precautionary Principle” * in the use of wireless digital technologies;
  • Offer an online discussion forum for health professionals to share information regarding electro-sensitivity and the other health effects of wireless and digital technologies.

*  “The Precautionary Principle provides justification for public policy actions in situations of scientific complexity, uncertainty and ignorance, where there may be a need to act in order to avoid, or reduce, potentially serious or irreversible threats to health or the environment, using an appropriate level of scientific evidence, and taking into account the likely pros and cons of action and inaction’ (Gee, 2006).”

Our Education Initiatives

  • Wi Fi Hazards in Schools
  • 5G Expansion Concerns
  • Health Effects of wearable wireless headset and wearable devices

Our Issues

  • Cell Phones
  • Cell towers
  • Childhood Development and Technology Use
  • Electro-sensitivity
  • Health and Biological Effects of Wireless Technology
  • Internet Addiction
  • Internet-of Things
  • Light at Night
  • Nature, Wildlife and Wireless Technology
  • Reproduction, Infertility and Wireless Technology Use
  • Psychologic Effects: Suicide, depression and use of wireless devices
  • Privacy and Security Concerns
  • Screen Time
  • Wi-Fi in Schools
  • 5G Small Cell Rollout

Advisory Board

David Blask, PhD, MD

Victoria Dunckley, MD

Scott Eberle, MD

Beatrice Golomb, MD, PhD

Roxanna Marachi, PhD

Joel Moskowitz, PhD

Jerry L. Phillips, PhD

Cindy Russell, MD

Cindy Sage, MA

John West, MD

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