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Accurate reproduction of our genetic material from one generation to the next assures survival of the species. This is the most crucial process living organisms have to create healthy, behaviorally appropriate offspring. The nervous system, immune system and reproductive system evolved over time to create a complex interaction of molecular and electrical signaling that provides normal function and integration in an adult. We  have understood for many decades the fragile nature of fetal and childhood development. It is well known that there are critical stages in human and animal development that make this early period vulnerable to harm. There are many junctions during development that can be adversely and permanently altered by toxic exposures. We are aware that these include ionizing radiation, some industrial and commercial chemicals and pesticides. We caution our patients to avoid these. Emerging research is revealing that non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation from wireless devices can also cause adverse biologic effects during reproduction, as is shown in the following scientific literature. This research is strengthening and being reproduced in different laboratories internationally.

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Embryo Effects


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  • Disruption of the ovarian follicle reservoir of prepubertal rats following prenatal exposure to a continuous 900-MHz electromagnetic field. (2016) Türedi S . Int J Radiat Biol. 2016 Jun;92(6):329-37.


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