Biological and Cellular Mechanisms

Scientific Literature

An increasing number of research studies show biologic effects from microwave radio frequency radiation including cardiac, cell membrane, DNA and RNA damage, immune system, melatonin, nervous system effects, oxidation/antioxidation, stress protein synthesis without heating of tissues.  How can this be explained if non-thermal exposures of  non-ionizing radiation cannot move electrons from molecules as radiation from X-rays and nuclear systems do?  Microwave electromagnetic radiation is absorbed by water. It can thus penetrate our bodies and affect cell structures. Mechanisms proposed are effects on cell signaling such as with voltage gated calcium channels (cell membrane), creation of reactive oxygen species as well as acoustic wave formation that can affect water molecules.

Biological and Cellular Mechanisms Tab Pages below:


In addition, compendiums of research are available, such as in the Bioinitiative Report with a long list of  reviewed studies as well as Military compendiums Military and Government Reports. 

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