Psychosocial Issues

However useful technology is, our dependence and immersion into a digital world has created unintended and sometimes intended consequences on our mental health and well-being. Behavioral addiction is common in our society and the technology industry has capitalized on it deliberately to keep us hooked on our phones, video games and social media.  Unfortunately, technology is being heavily used in schools now even though much of the content may not be truly educational or actually teach us in the way in which our brains absorb and retain information. Instead of enhancing education this technology if overused appears to be hampering learning and memorization. Violent video games are contributing to psychologic disturbances.  The reduction in human connection especially for children is causing detachment and lack of empathy.

There is another important issue surfacing regularly and that is the commodification of the internet with exploitation of children’s data. There are many educators who are now becoming aware of the significant downsides of the overuse of technology and trying to downsize tech in the classrooms. Colleges and law schools now are frequently banning laptops in lectures to avoid the distractions that prevent effective learning.

American Academy of Pediatrics Digital Media Journal 2017

The American Academy of Pediatrics published a special Pediatrics Supplement Nov 2017. Volume 140. The Articles can be downloaded and are as follows:

Pediatrics Journal Articles in Digital Media and Children Supplement Nov 2017


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Technology- Psychosocial Issues



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