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Physicians for Safe Technology supports efforts to advance safer development and use of digital and wireless technologies. We support safer and more cyber secure alternatives that are wired both in our streets and in our homes, businesses and schools. We also support adequate safety testing prior to the introduction of new technologies and robust monitoring after placement of cell towers.  PST strongly advocates for local control of cell tower placement with careful consideration of non-thermal human health and environmental health effects. We are especially concerned about protecting children from the physical and mental health effects as well as privacy breaches from digital and wireless technologies. PST also strongly urges meaningful health and environmental surveys before placing cell towers, wireless infrastructure in buildings or generally increasing wireless radiofrequency radiation in the environment. Surveys should be part of the decision making process.

Update 6/27/2021

Scroll down for Other Expert letters advocating for safety in the 5G rollout, cell towers and wireless radiation in schools

6/2/2021 Letter to California Assembly Opposing SB 556 (Dodd)-A Cell Tower on Every Pole

Letter to  California Assembly Opposing SB 556 (Dodd) Street light poles, traffic signal poles: small wireless facilities attachments. (2021-2022) Letter PST Oppose SB 556  PDF

5/17/2021 Letter Opposing AB537(Quirk) Wireless telecommunications and broadband facilities

Letter to California State Assembly Appropriations Committee opposing AB 537 Communications: wireless telecommunications and broadband facilities. (2020-2021) PST Letter in Opposition to AB537 PDF

2/13/2021 OHA Wireless Technology Health Risks Report 2020 (SB 283)

Letter to Oregon Health Authority (OHA)  regarding the OHA Report that dismisses harm from wireless radiation in schools.  PST Letter to Oregon Health Authority in Response to Report 2:13:21 PDF

10/1/2019 Wireless Safety Standards Reevaluation

Letter to Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, in response to FDA Letter from Dr. Jeffrey Shuren, Concerning Dismissal of Research Showing Harm from RF Radiation

PST Letter to Rep Eshoo in response to FDA Shuren letter on RF Safety Standard Reevaluation Oct 1, 2019 corrected

5/17/19- 5G Moratorium

Letter to California Governor Gavin Newsom regarding 5G Moratorium,  May 17, 2019

PST Letter 5G Moratorium Governor Gavin Newsom 5-17-19 PDF

2/3/19- Endorsement of HR530

Letter to Congress Members Asking Them to Support Eshoo/Speier  HR530 Revolking FCC 18-111, from Physicians for Safe Technology, February 3, 2019

PST Letter to Congressmembers in Support of HR 530 2-4-19 PDF

5/3/19- Endorsement of HR530

Letter to Congress Members Anna Eshoo and Jackie Speier Regarding  Introduction of HR530, Revolking FCC 18-111 to fast track small cell deployment, from Physicians for Safe Technology, February 3, 2019.

PST Letter to Rep Eshoo regarding HR 530 2-3-19

12/11/18- Request to FCC for Scientific Evidence of Safety

Response to Blumenthal and Eshoo Letter Requesting FCC Provide Scientific Evidence of 5G Safety from Physicians for Safe Technology- December 11, 2018

PST Response to Blumenthal and Eshoo Letter 12-11-18

12/9/18- Response to FDA on Radiofrequency Exposures

Response to FDA Press Release and Statement from Jeffrey Shuren, M.D., J.D.,on Radiofrequency Energy Exposure. Nov 1, 2018 from Physicians for Safe Technology- December 9, 2018

PST Letter of Response to Dr. Shuren FDA  12-9-18 PDF

8/25/17- SB 649- Letter of Opposition:

Letter to CA Assembly and Governor Brown Opposing SB649 from Physicians for Safe Technology-August 25, 2017

PST SB 649 Opposition Letter to California Assembly   8-25-17

PST Letter to Governor Brown  9-19-17

Expert Letters:

Other Physicians and Scientists Regarding Radiofrequency Radiation and Health

Reevaluation of Safety Standards

 5G, Cell Towers and Electrosensitivity

Cell Phones and Cancer

General Health Effects

Wi Fi and Cell Towers in Schools

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