Smart Meters are replacing analogue meters on peoples homes to wirelessly read electricity use by sending radio frequency signals to neighboring houses which send to local nodes and then to the local utility. This creates a continuous “Smart Grid” blanket of electromagnetic radiation in neighborhoods for the purpose of efficient wireless transfer of household data on energy use to the main utility carrier for billing and data analysis. The human meter readers are no longer needed to read the meters directly.

Convenience or Hazard?

This seems to be a wonderful convenience, however, these meters use 2.4 GHz microwave radiation for communications which is what our microwave ovens, Wi-Fi routers and other wireless devices use.  The Smart Meters are also on 24/7. Although consultants average the electromagnetic radiation emitted, they do not take into account research showing that pulsed radio frequency radiation is harmful even at lower power. It is the spikes of pulsed energy and not the average power density that causes the harm to cellular structures.

Health Effects Reported with Smart Meters

Once these Smart Meters began to be installed in different states, reports of adverse health effects similar to electrosensitivity surfaced. These symptoms include fatigue, insomnia, poor concentration and heart palpitations. When the Smart Meters were removed many people reported their symptoms resolved.  Because of the widespread health effects that were observed, in addition to reports of inaccurate inflated billing,  at least 24 states have a Smart Meter Opt Out Law of one degree or another . Smart Meter Opt Out Laws in 24 States  Massachusetts is one of the most recent states to consider a similar Bill-  S1684 Smart Meter Opt Out Massachusetts.   

Opt Out Option in 24 States

In Northern  California you can call Pacific Gas and Electric  (PG&E) Opt Out Program.  People who do not wish to keep their Smart Meters in the 24 states that allow this can call their local utility as well to return back to an analogue meter with a human meter reader.  Many citizens and community groups have organized in the United States and abroad to oppose and stop Smart Meter installations for several reasons, including health effects.  Massachusetts is the latest to propose legislation allowing opt outs for smart meters Massachusetts Bill S 1864 , S 1864-An Act relative to utilities, smart meters, and ratepayers’ rights. 

How Smart Meters Work

Experienced engineer and lecturer Rob States describes below how Smart Meters  and the mesh network is created in neighborhoods. He discusses how Smart Meters can increase exposure to potentially harmful microwave radiation. In addition, he looks at how Italy uses somewhat different Smart Meters that do not emit microwave radiation.

The “Dark Side ” of Smart Meters . Robert States describes the many dilemmas with Smart Meters including health, privacy and home security.