Liability Policies

Insurance companies are experts at determining health risks from our genetics,  lifestyles and environmental exposures. They have figured out that there is a harm from exposure to electromagnetic fields risk.


In a 2011 Business Insurance white paper, The Next Asbestos: Five Emerging Risks That Could Shift the Liability Landscape, the author describes how business has lost billions of dollars from asbestos and they understand the science is showing harm from nanotechnology/nanomaterials, genetically modified organisms, climate change, hydraulic fracking and exposure to radio frequency waves.   They predict there will be a litigation explosion in all these areas.

Dr. Paul Heroux, of Mc Gill University discusses the liability issue with regards to deploying 5G technology, Michigan Bills SB 637 and SB 894 

Dr. Paul Heroux, Faculty of Medicine, Director of Occupational Health Program within the Department of Epidemiology, Statistics and Occupational Health at Mc Gill university, discusses industry responsibility and influence on deploying wireless technology.  Lloyds of London nor Swiss Re will underwrite a liability policy for electromagnetic radiation, setting up an environment ripe for a class action lawsuit.  He points out the link between wireless technology and cancer, warning that we need to be cleaning up and reducing our exposure to wireless radiation not adding new frequencies and infrastructure.  He notes that every American at one time needed a chicken in every pot but wireless radiation is a bad idea and we need fiberoptic on every home.

Should We Follow the Car  Industry’s Push for 5G and Driverless Cars?

Answering a question about the car industry need for 5G to operate driverless cars, Dr. Heroux notes that American car manufacturer’s historically do not have a good record  of making good choices. GM car crash safety was behind that of Volvo in Sweden who instituted safety collapsable steering columns that reduced the death rate by 12  %,  air bags that reduced the death rate by 25%,  safety bags that reduced death rate by 42%.  As a result of GM’s  policy supporting tetra lead in gasoline rather than ethanol decades ago  15 million  US children lost 10 IQ points and had permanent problems with hyperactivity, behavior and learning. He advises we should not follow the captains of industry, whose focus is narrow and without knowledge of health effects.