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Mechanisms of radiofrequency radiation on DNA and RNA: Partial list

DNA and RNA are basic macromolecules of all living organisms that carry our individual genetic codes from one generation to the next. These fragile chains of nucleic acids not only direct our  inheritance, they also direct fetal development, metabolism, protein synthesis, immune system functioning, nervous system functioning and cancer protection.  DNA and RNA can be damaged by a number of toxic exposures leading to a broad range of serious diseases, including cancer, autoimmune disease and birth defects. We have for decades understood the mechanisms of ionizing radiation from X-Rays, nuclear power plants and atomic bombs, however, we are just now understanding the adverse effects of exposure to non-ionizing radiation from cell towers and wireless devices which can alter DNA and RNA by various mechanisms including creation of reactive oxygen species, similar to other toxins exposures (pesticides and heavy metals).

This review of  DNA repair mechanisms in dividing and non-dividing cells highlights the different pathways of injury to DNA resulting in genomic instability and then to human disease.

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Published Papers

BIOLOGIC EFFECTS: DNA, RNA and Gene Expression

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