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Behavior and the ability to learn is based on the neural integration of memory. This is a complex and fragile system linking our peripheral nervous system and our central nervous system. Research has confirmed that our nervous system development can be affected by toxic exposures during fetal development and childhood, nutritional deficiencies as well as hormonal imbalance, especially thyroid hormone.  We are aware of  the hazards of chemical toxins, such as pesticides and industrial toxins to pregnant women and children.  It is well established that ionizing radiation can have adverse effects on development. New research is linking non-ionizing radiofrequency radiation from wireless devices we commonly use, such as Wi Fi, cell phones, tablets and laptops,  to neurological harm, both prenatally and postnatally.  There is basic science research  showing cellular damage to nerve cells in the hippocampus  and other areas of the brain. See also:


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