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Updated 6/18/23

People from all walks of life around the world have reported symptoms of electrosensitivity in the presence of wireless devices, cell towers, and in some cases electronic devices. Symptoms include headaches, fatigue, heart palpitations, dizziness, irritability, brain fog, nausea and radhes. These same symptoms have been described by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) decades ago in servicemen exposed to microwave radiation in radar communications, thus it was termed “Microwave Illness” or “Microwave Sickness”. See  Military Studies.   Below are stories of physicians,  writers, musicians, engineers, computer scientists, teachers, teenagers and children who have openly discussed their EHS condition in the media, in medical publications and as public testimony. People who have implanted medical devices have also reported symptoms in the presence of wireless devices and metal detectors.  Three new 2023 peer reviewed case studies are added to this just below.

Published Case Reports of Electrosensitivity 

*Case Report: The Microwave Syndrome after Installation of 5G Emphasizes the Need for Protection from Radiofrequency Radiation. Hardell L and Nilsson M. Annals of Case Reports. 8: 1112. 10 January 2023. https://www.gavinpublishers.com/assets/articles_pdf/Case-Report-The-Microwave-Syndrome-after–Installation-of-5G-Emphasizes-the-Need-for–Protection-from-Radiofrequency-Radiation.pdf

*Development of the Microwave Syndrome in Two Men Shortly after Installation of 5G on the Roof above their Office.  Nilsson M, Hardell L. Ann Clin Case Rep. Feb 2023; 8: 2378. https://www.anncaserep.com/open-access/development-of-the-microwave-syndrome-in-two-men-shortly-after-9589.pdf.

*Case Report: A 52-Year Healthy Woman Developed Severe Microwave Syndrome–Shortly After Installation of a 5G Base Station Close to Her Apartment. Hardell L and Nilsson M. Annals of Clinical and Medical Case Reports. April 10, 2023. https://www.acmcasereport.com/pdf/ACMCR-v10-1926.pdf

Videos and Movies

SOLVEIG-  A young teen described her compelling story  in 2021 video of how she developed electrosensitivity, first from a Wi Fi router at school she sat near to. Solveig’s symptoms included rashes on her face, brain fog, fatigue and nausea. Solveig discusses the difficulty in first identifying the symptoms which occurred only at school initially, how her parents helped by eliminating wireless devices in the home and how the school eventually gave her accommodation.

ELETTRA- A short Italian film (2022) stars an actress who is electrosensitive and also portrays a woman who develops electrosensitivty(EHS). Elettra is a powerful and beautifully produced film that demonstrates what it is like to have EHS and the frustration of not being believed. It has had nominations by 5 green cinema festivals in Italy and abroad. It can now be seen on vimeo Elettra.

The multiple award winning documentary  “Generation Zapped” also has enlightening testimony from individuals who developed electrosensitivity. The Director, professional film maker Sabine El Gemayel, decided to produce this film because of concerns for her teenage daughters. The film highlights the need for the Precautionary Principle as well as pre-market testing, post-market monitoring, and stronger regulations.

Biomarkers for Electrosensitivity

In 2015, researchers convened in Belgium to speak at the  Royal Academy of Medicine  for the Electrohypersensitivity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity 5th Appeal congress, discussing the latest findings showing a link between the two disease states. Dr. Dominique Belpomme, Professor in Medical Oncology Paris V University Hospital, highlighted his important study of 1200 patients. His scientific paper, Reliable disease biomarkers characterizing and identifying electrohypersensitivity and multiple chemical sensitivity as two etiopathogenic aspects of a unique pathological disorder.  

He found that of the 1200 patients tested, 10% were not electrosensitive and did not have multiple chemical sensitivities, however, 90% did have both of these conditions which were linked through common biomarkers that can be clinically tested. Excellent presentations  on electrohypersensitivity and Wi Fi in schools  were also given at the congress by Dr. Lennart Hardell, Dr. David Carpenter and BioInitiative Co-Author Cindy Sage.

Doctors Need to Be Educated About Electrosensitivity

Dr. Hardell notes that medical professionals need to be educated about electrosensitivity (aka electrohypersensitivity, EHS, microwave illness, microwave sickness)  as a medical diagnosis. Criteria needs to be established for EHS  syndrome so that it can be given a WHO official International Disease Classification code (ICD). In South Africa, a sufferer of EHS was just given a diagnosis ICD10 classification for his medical condition.

See also


Dr. Scott Eberle– Hospice physician- “What’s the Diagnosis Doctor?” Dr. Scott Eberle. SCCMA Bulletin Nov 2016. http://www.sccma.org/Portals/19/Whats%20the%20Diagnosis%20Doctor.pdf?ver=2016-12-09-152046-290.   An underworld journey: Learning to cope with electromagnetic hypersensitivity.  (2017) Eberle S.  Ecopsychology; June 2017; 9 (2): 106-111. http://online.liebertpub.com/doi/pdf/10.1089/eco.2016.0036

Alison Main- Freelance writer-  Electrosensitivity- When the Modern World Hurts. Modern World Hurts https://bestselfmedia.com/electrosensitivity/

 Dr. Carlos Sosa- The Dr. Carlos Sosa Story. Medelin, Columbia, South America.  https://www.electrosensitivesociety.com/the-dr-carlos-sosa-m-d-story/ 

*Dr. Carlos Sosa Story in Spanish-” La Historia del Dr. Carlos Sosa / The Dr. Carlos Sosa M.D. Story.” https://www.avaate.org/spip.php?article1075

Arthur Firstenberg-Author of “The Invisible Rainbow” 2020 and “Microwaving Our Planet: The Environmental Impact of the Wireless Revolution” 1997 as well as many articles on electrosensitivity and wireless radiation hazards. https://www.electrosensitivesociety.com/the-largest-biological-experiment-ever-by-arthur-firstenberg/

Steve Miller- DJ and Music producer-News- Electrosensitive- https://defected.com/news/post/electrosensitive 

Jolie Jones- Concert producer- Jolie Talks: Taking Back Her Power. https://www.jolietalks.com/news/2017/3/19/taking-back-her-power

*Video of Jolie Jones, actress and musician as well as daughter of musician, record producer and film producer Quincy jones, discussing the development of her electrosensitivity with an interview of researcher Olle Johansson.  Jolie Jones Interview

Katie Alvord, is an award winning free lance writer who won a 2007 AAAS Science Journalism Award for Excellence in Online Reporting, for writing a series on Lake Superior Basin climate change. She details how she became electrosensitive and what the scientific evidence shows, then asking in her article , “Is Wireless Technology  and Environmental Health Risk?” in the Society of Environmental Journalists, Jan 6, 2021. 

Ann Mills chronicles her journey developing electrosensitivity in her book, “All EMFd Up (Electromagnetic Fields): My Journey Through Wireless Radiation Poisoning and How You Can Protect Yourself. (2019)”. The onset of strange symptoms, in a strange country, in the middle of the night led the author to more than a diagnosis of microwave illness. After suffering months of unexplained nausea, insomnia, ringing in the ears, fatigue and body aches she consulted with a German doctor to help her figure out what was happening.  Her diary reads like Anne Frank. Chilling and a warning to us all.

Annelie Fitzgerald PhD. English Literature and Language  teacher at the University of Toulouse (Jean-Jaurès) WIRELESS TECH: TIME TO THINK AGAIN? Risk around radio frequency radiation. April 29, 2018. She developed EHS symptoms when Wi Fi  and cordless phones were installed at the Paris University building where she worked.  https://www.alumni.ox.ac.uk/quad/article/wireless-tech-time-think-again

Dr. Brad Harding and Dr. Meg McMorrow-Connecticut Practioners– Area Couple’s Status: Cell Tower Refugees.  Cell Tower Refugees  http://www.countytimes.com/news/area-couple-s-status-cell-tower-refugees/article_f18e56a6-db83-5ffc-87e4-ac28b6152a0f.html  or                          PodCast at Bioneer’s conference by Dr. Harding and Dr. McMorrow,  Wireless Technology and Human Health

Veronica Ciandre-  My Life 6 Feet Under Cell Towers. A story of becoming electrosensitive. March 20,  2010. https://www.magdahavas.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/My_Life_6_Feet_Under_Cell_Towers.pdf

Video of Testimony of Veronica Ciandre— Cell Tower on Rooftop Causes Electrosensitivity.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-G3CWrgDS5E

Per Segerbäck. Elite Telecommunications Engineer for Ellemtel in Sweden- The Man Who Was Allergic to Radio Waves. Your cellphone does not in itself cause cancer. But in the daily sea of radiation we all travel, there may be subtler dangers at work, and science is only just beginning to understand how they can come to affect people like Per Segerbäck so intensely. Popular Science. March 4, 2010.  https://www.popsci.com/science/article/2010-02/disconnected/ Peter Segerback is also featured in chapter 11 of the book ” Corporate Ties That Bind “. The chapter is written by Gunni Nordstrom, a journalist who documented the disabling symptoms  that developed in almost 70 technicians who worked at Ericsson in Sweden. Nordstrom’s other book,“The Invisible Disease”  carefully document skin and systemic symptoms in those who used video display units (VDU) in the 1980’s and 1990’s and Ericsson’s denial and cover up.

Brian Stein. Allergic to electricity. February 2007. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-437302/Allergic-electricity.html

Electrosensitive: Outliers in a Wireless World– 2010. UK. This is an excerpt from a short film about people who suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) by Thomas Ball. The film was screened at The Peterborough International Film Festival in Canada in January 2014.  https://vimeo.com/62866211

Lydia Morel-Bétermin, France. M.Sc. in Molecular and Cell Biology, specialization in Immunology (Paris 2008), M.Sc. in Biological Anthropology and Prehistory (1996), M.A. in Archaeology (Paris) Ms. Morel-Bétermin wrote a  compelling letter_to_Dr. Magali-Koelman , a specialist in environmental medicine. Lydia writes, “Personally, I consider myself lucky to have this ability, it’s a bit of a superpower, even if I suffer every day from this pollution (and social exclusion). It has enabled me to protect my health (and that of my non-EHS partner). It has enabled me to do research in biophysics, to increase my knowledge in different fields, to complete my disindoctrination from the teaching or rather the cramming received at the university and to become more autonomous in the management of my health. This allowed me to become more critical of this techno-capitalist civilization and thus to question several societal choices, especially in the technological field.


In a press release April 22, 2021, PG and E refunded, by court order, “Opt Out” fees to Nina Beety, who is disabled by electromagnetic sensitivity, as an “unlawful surcharges against a disabled person (ADA Title II Technical Assistance Manual, II-1.3000 Relationship to title III)… She explained that EMF-emitting devices cause her disabling health effects. PG&E ignored Beety’s requests for disabled accommodation, and refused to allow residential customers to have analog, non-digital meters without paying a so-called “opt- out” fee. The family was forced to pay $415. in fees to avoid Smart Meters on their home.” “It took facing a bankruptcy judge in court for PG&E to quit fighting and refund fees that were unlawful surcharges under the ADA and that discriminate against disabled people…

Beety said, “With this action, PG&E and other utilities must now halt their practice of charging unlawful “opt-out” surcharge fees to customers disabled by electromagnetic sensitivity or who have other EMF-sensitive medical conditions, and the companies must refund all unlawful surcharge fees already paid by these disabled customers. Utilities must allow the simple, readily achievable, and reasonable disabled accommodation of analog, electromechanical, non-digital utility meters for all disabled persons who require them.”

Laurie Brown, LAUSD EHS Lawsuit– JML Law Wins Appeal in ‘Unprecedented’ Disability Case Against LAUSD For Failure to Accommodate TeacherWith Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. March 26, 2021. JML Law. https://www.accesswire.com/viewarticle.aspx?id=637661&token=hzivngfkuma2h2xz6rhu&fbclid=IwAR0w3aFbSk8NZrC9OeokP4ggOJbFfflwCBsr4zBzyjpwYhhdbd4xBVKU_BI

Lisa Granuzza Di Vita, Actress and star of the film Elettra. The actress is electrosensitive and portrays a young woman who develops electrosensitivity. Elettrais a powerful and beautifully produced film that demonstrates what it is like to have electrosensnsitivy, the difficulty in finding a safe haven and the frustration of not being believed. It has had nominations by 5 green cinema festivals in Italy and abroad. It can now be seen on Vimeo Elettra.

Courtney Gilardi, Massachusetts preschool teacher who developed electrosensitivity from a cell tower. Her children also experienced severe symptoms and had to move away from there house. Board of Health Issues Emergency Order for Verizon to Cease and Desist in Pittsfield Massachusetts Cell Tower Battle. Residents develop adverse health effects when nearby cell tower turned on.  Feb 9, 2022. PST.  https://mdsafetech.org/2022/02/09/board-of-health-orders-verizon-to-cease-and-desist-in-pittsfield-massachusetts-cell-tower-battle%ef%bf%bc/

Shelley Wright: Accommodation for EHS in a Hospital Setting

Shelley Wright describes her chemical and electrosensitivities and concern for getting treatment at health care facilities due to her sensitivities. She states, “I have waited outdoors until my name is called to be seen by a doctor, in extreme winter temperatures to avoid hospital signals which can be stressful, although it provides some relief from EHS symptoms.”

She notes that Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity (EHS) is recognized as an environmental sensitivity and disability by the Canadian Human Rights Commission: Accommodation for Environmental Sensitivities Legal Perspective: Canadian Human Rights Commission-  https://www.chrc-ccdp.gc.ca/sites/default/files/legal_sensitivity_en_1.pdf

Shelley Wright’s letter on Accommodation of EHS/MCS Patients At Health Care Facilities is here – EHS-Accessibility-Request-Thank-You-Letter-for-EHS-Accommodation

Dr. Beatrice Golomb, Professor of Medicine at UCSD,  provides a multitude of stories of electrosensitive patients in her research studies at UCSD . See

Dr. Ann Lee Testimony against California’s SB649 in 2017

Dr. Ann Lee and her son testify in Sacramento California against SB 649 to streamline small cell antenna placement throughout cities and counties. Her son was found to be sensitive to wireless EMR from a cluster of antennas, reporting heart palpitations with near exposure. Extensive tests by his physician could not find any cardiac pathology. The bill ultimately failed.

Children Sick After 4G/5G Small Cell Installation in Sacramento 2019

Aaron and Hannah McMahon testify in Sacramento, California, alongside their daughter, who has suffered health symptoms since a new 4G/5G cell tower was placed just several feet from their daughter’s bedroom window.

Noah Davidson spoke out about these debilitating electrosensitivity  symptoms that developed in both of his kids after the 5G tower was placed directly in front of their home in Sacramento, California.  He hired a building biologist to help shield his house and move the children farther away to mitigate the problem. An article about this was published in Public News Service Oct 9, 2020.

Amelia in Pittsfield, Massachusetts tells her story about developing electrosensitivity when a cell tower was erected in her neighborhood in the historic Berkshire Hills. This area of Western Massachusetts was originally Mohican Territory and eventually came to be where Herman Melville built his homestead and wrote arguably the best seafaring book, Moby Dick.  Melville wrote in his1855 novel Israel Potter, “The bloom of these mountains is beyond expression delightful,”. Now, along with the views of Mount Greylock, one sees the looming cell tower and neighbors fleeing their homes to protect their health.   5G Earth Day Countdown: Children- Amelia’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Cell Tower Days. April 21, 2021. Natural Blaze. https://www.naturalblaze.com/2021/04/5g-earth-day-countdown-children-amelias-terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad-cell-tower-days.html

Solveig, Teenager Who Developed Electrosensitivity in School

In 2021 a young teen, Solveig, described her compelling story of how she developed electrosensitivity, first from a Wi Fi router at school she sat near, to Theodora Scarato, Executive Director of Environmental Health Trust. Her symptoms included rashes on her face, brain fog, fatigue and nausea. Solveig discusses the difficulty in first identifying the symptoms which occurred only at school initially, how her parents helped by eliminating wireless devices in the home and how the school eventually gave her accommodation. As cell towers began to proliferate her ability to move in her community became more limited.

 David McDonald, Scientist and Mathematical Modeler form Austrailia Describes his EHS Story and Accomodation

David McDonald, an Australian scientist and mathematical computer modeler had early symptoms of EHS realizing he was sensitive to an electric heater at about age 8 causing him to feel ill and dizzy. He avoided high voltage devices. When computers became popular in workplaces he began using them and discovered he had similar symptoms as he has a child but with much worse symptoms. In his mid 20’s he had to use a special kind of computer to lessen the symptoms. His employer always knew he had EHS and they accommodated him as he would use pen and paper and then give that work to his assistant to transcribe onto the computer. When management changed his employer eliminated the assistant position and despite multiple trials of shielded computers he had headaches, extreme nausea, fatigue, migraine headaches and itchy scalp. He had to quit work as he was not given accommodation and moved to the countryside to avoid even low level radiation. His wife explains this as an allergy. He later took legal action for accommodation and after an appeal the judge ruled in his favor and he was awarded compensation in 2013.

Electrosensitive: Outliers in a Wireless World- 2010 This is an excerpt from a short film about people who suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) by Thomas Ball. The film was screened at The Peterborough International Film Festival in Canada in January 2014. https://vimeo.com/62866211

Michigan Senator Patrick Colbeck Discusses Reducing Wi-Fi  in Schools and the Health Risks of Deploying 5G by passing SB 637, March 15, 2018

Senator Colbeck highlights the need to adequately study biologic, non-thermal effects of wireless technology before further deployment of 5G systems with high density of cell towers and with a cost of billions of dollars. He notes the plight of those who are electrosensitive and the need to protect citizens from harm based on Article 4, Section 51  of the Michigan State Constitution. “The public health and general welfare of the people of the state are hereby declared to be matters of primary public concern. The legislature shall pass suitable  laws to for protection and promotion of public health.”  He notes the primary concern should not convenience or economic growth.  Senator Colbeck advises proceeding with caution before immersing citizens in the Internet of Things.  He asks for a “no” vote on SB 637 and SB 894.

Sonoma California Resident Shelly Masters Testifies at the Sonoma Planning Commission

Mz Maters is testifying against location of proposed cell towers in downtown Sonoma. She states her electrosensitivity began in 2010 after a wireless transmitter was attached to her home by PG&E, without  her consent. She testifies, “I have a diagnosis for Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) which is a disabling characteristic, recognized by the Federal Access Board since 2002. Under the 1990 Americans with Disability Act, which predates the 1996 Telecommunications Act by six years, I am part of a protected disabled class. I have specific rights which I am asserting this evening under protections the US Congress directs the ADA to guarantee…”  Full Testimony here Shelley Masters Testimony at Sonoma Planning Commission Meeting Nov 8.

Testimony in opposition to AB57 in California in 2015 

Multiple electrosensitive residents testify in opposition to AB 57 in California which was signed by Governor Brown in 2015 and in essence fast tracks cell tower placement. AB 57 allows  “collocation or siting application for a wireless telecommunications facility is deemed approved if the city or county fails to approve or disapprove the application within the reasonable time periods specified…” This bill puts a burden on cities and counties who prior to AB 57 would have a longer, more thorough process for cell tower application approval including more public input. This bill passed in California. Ironically AB57 has an exemption for firefighters to have cell towers on or adjacent to their facilities. AB 57 states,”Section 65964.1.  (f) Due to the unique duties and infrastructure requirements for the swift and effective deployment of firefighters, this section does not apply to a collocation or siting application for a wireless
telecommunications facility where the project is proposed for placement on fire department facilities. “
CA AB57 (2015) Legiscan Text of Bill.

Charlene Acres Testifies to the Royal Society in Canada About Her Daughter’s Electrosensitivity at School

Charlene Acres is a computer scientist and mother who openly describes her daughter’s development of electrohypersensitivity (EHS) when at school.  Her daughters symptoms were severe with headaches and fatigue. They found that the cell towers near school and addition of wireless systems in school caused the symptoms. The levels of Electromagnetic radiation measured in the school were within the Safety Code 6 regulations. This is a compelling and useful story to help understand EHS which is well documented. Most physicians were not able to diagnose or treat this condition.

Jeromy Johnson:  Ted Talk Wireless Wake-up Call”

In “Wireless Wake-up Call” Silicon-Valley Engineer Jeromy Johnson masterfully leads us through his story and experience with electrosensitivity. The development of  this “microwave illness”  forced him to find solutions that led him back to good health.   He highlights the need for silicon valley to develop safer and still wonderful technology that reduces microwave radio frequency exposures.  Mr. Johnson established the website http://www.EMFAnalysis.com to help others find effective alternatives to wireless technologies and return to safer wired connections.

Computer Scientist Peter Sullivan on Electrohypersensitivity

Computer scientist Peter Sullivan discusses his experience finding answers to the development of his own electrosensitivity and contributions to his children’s autism at a Building Biology conference in 2015. He has researched this thoroughly and despite the fact he is not a physician explains in clear language how chemical toxins and electromagnetic radiation from wireless devices have similar adverse biologic effects. He highlights neurologist Dr. Martha Herbert’s work along with the increasingly valuable theory of environmental toxic loads causing illness in those who have predisposition.  When a certain toxic level is reached in the body overload occurs causing widespread biological stress with an inflammatory response. Symptoms include fatigue, dizziness and brain fog.

Dr. Martin Pall Speaks in British Columbia with Testimonials 2019

Speakers discuss symptoms of arrythmia with wireless devices in the home. Dr Pall then discusses the symptoms and science of wireless technology in detail. He explains calcium channel membrane effects.

Gary Olhoeft, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Geophysics on Medical Implant Interference

Gary Olhoeft, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Geophysics, Colorado School of Mines and Life Member of IEEE discusses in detail about how wireless radiation, including metal detectors, can interfere with medical implants. He then describes his disability after surgical implantation of a deep brain stimulator.  He quickly learned what wireless devices he was sensitive to. Interesting and relevant academic and clinical perspective.

South African Broadcast with reporter  Claire Mawisa highlights the severe symptoms, disability and isolation of  3 electrosensitive individuals.

Clair MawisaSS

Those interviewed describe symptoms including ringing in the ears, nausea, disorientation and headaches. Dr. Hema Kalan, a general practitioner in South Africa, was also interviewed (at 5:15) She stated that doctors do not recognize EHS as they are not taught about the condition in medical schools or at conferences, nor is there a test to easily diagnose it. In addition, the symptoms are wide ranging and differ in individuals.  An interview with James Lech, who also has EHS,  reveals that he has completed a masters dissertation on electohypersensitivity from Rhodes University. He states that electrohypersensitivity should instead be called Electromagnetic Field Intolerance Syndrome (EFIS). Mr Lech has applied to the high court in South Africa and has been officially been given a diagnosis of EFIS. Broadcast of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity in South Africa. Feb 26, 2018.  Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity in South Africa or https://carteblanche.dstv.com/electromagnetic-hypersensitivity/

Magda Havas, PhD, Associate Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University

Dr. Havas explains why some firefighters experienced electrohypersensitivty (EHS) when cell towers were placed near or on their fire stations. Because of this observation and the growing science of biological effects of  wireless radiation the International Association of Fire Fighters ( IAFF) developed Resolution 15 IAFF Resolution 15 in 2004 that opposes cell towers on their facilities.  This video describes the science and symptoms of non-ionizing radiation, with demonstration of radiation levels with meters. At time 32:53, a Toronto woman describes in detail the slow development of symptoms of EHS in she and her daughter when a cell tower was placed on the top floor of her apartment just above where they lived.  After the acute exposure they both became sensitive to devices they were not sensitive to before.

Los Angeles Firefighters oppose First Responder cell tower installations

Los Angeles Firefighters oppose First Responder Cell Towers due to Potential health effects as documented on firefighters in IAFF Resolution 15 IAFF Resolution 15

Frank Lima President of the United Firefighters of  Los Angeles City

Frank Lima President of the United Firefighters of  Los Angeles City testifies in opposition to cell tower placement on fire stations. He notes that there was a CEQA waver for the cell tower project.

ELETTRA- Italian film about electrosensitivity

ELETTRA- A short Italian film (2022) stars an actress who is electrosensitive and portrays a woman who develops electrosensitivty(EHS). Elettra is a powerful and beautiful film that demonstrates what it is like to have EHS and the frustration of not being believed. It has had nominations by 5 green cinema festivals in Italy and abroad. It can now be seen on vimeo Elettra.

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