Smart Meter Radiation Health Effects

Strange Symptoms

“Many of them said they had never heard of electrical sensitivities before, were developing strange symptoms they never had before, could not use computers, wi-fi or cell phones any more without painful symptoms (even though previously they had been using them heavily with wi-fi in offices and on in homes 24/7). Weeks or months after their symptoms began they first discovered a smart meter on their home. Upon inquiry, they found out it had been installed at the time or just before their symptoms initiated… All this was surprising to me because this device was initiating ES (electrosensitivity) in previously normal, healthy persons who had tolerated wi-fi and cell phones for years with no problems.”

Richard H. Conrad, Ph.D., John Hopkins trained biochemist, Pre-Filed Testimony to the Maine Public Utilities Commission regarding Smart Meter Opt out Program, Feb 1, 2013 and the Maine Smart Meter Survey he conducted (begins page 65).

Updated 7/18/23


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“Smart” Meters for a “Smart” Grid?

Utilities in all states have been replacing decades old but still perfectly functioning analogue meters with so-called Smart Meters on peoples homes for the purpose of wirelessly reading electricity use by sending radio frequency signals to neighboring houses which then are sent to local nodes and then to the local utility. This creates a continuous “Smart Grid” blanket of electromagnetic radiation in neighborhoods for the purpose of efficient wireless transfer of household data on energy use to the main utility carrier for billing and data analysis. The human meter readers are no longer needed to read the meters directly.  Although convenient and cheaper for utilities there have been a host of problems reported from privacy and security to serious health effects and fires. Many residents have organized nationwide to educate others about these risks and pass legislation to allow residents to Opt Out of Smart Meters.

Say NO to Smart Meters in New York. March 24, 2023 an excellent  detailed discussion of the engineering, function, harm and energy use of smart meters was produced by expert engineer and building biologist Bill Bathgate and attorney Odette Wilkins, to support New York’s SB 8765 for utility meter choice. The bill, An Act to amend the general business law in relation to consumer protection and utility meter choice, prohibits an electric corporation or gas company to install smart meters without the permission of the owner and also allows the owner to have the smart meters removed and replaced with analogue meters .

Smart Meters add to CO2/Climate Change and Higher Bills. Engineer Bill Bathgate and attorney Odette Wilkins In support of S.8765 which seeks to establish consumer protection and utility meter choice in New York. Feb 7, 2023.

New York SB 8765 An Act to amend the general business law in relation to consumer protection and utility meter choice.


Convenience or Hazard?

Smart Meter placement seems to be a wonderful convenience, however, these meters use 2.4 GHz microwave (and 900 MHz) radiation for communications which is what our microwave ovens, Wi-Fi routers and other wireless devices use.  The Smart Meters are also on 24/7. They use Fair amount of electricity just to measure and transmit this information continuously.  Although consultants average the electromagnetic radiation emitted, they do not take into account research showing that pulsed radio frequency radiation is harmful even at lower power. It is the spikes of pulsed energy and not the average power density that causes the harm to cellular structures. In addition the long term cumulative exposures have been found to be harmful and are not taken into consideration in the rollout of these devices . Smart Meters can pulse up to 190,000 times a day. The 2.4 GHz wireless technology frequencies pulse at 2.4 billion cycles per second. We evolved in the earth’s natural low magnetic field resonance  of 7.83 Hz (7.83 cycles per second) and are now exposed in almost every environment- home, work, school and businesses-to continuous mix of manmade microwave frequencies. 

Smart Meters and “Dirty Electricity”

Smart Meters placed on homes appear to have a particularly devastating effect on health as this pulsed non-ionizing radiation is transmitted through household wiring, creating widespread local fields of what is termed dirty electricity (Dirty electricity EMF Analysis)  Although aiming to connect wirelessly to our appliances and Internet of Things Appliances that are now being sold, this disharmonic mix of frequencies from both wired and wireless sources can affect our biological functioning.  This is despite the fact that these levels  are well below the  ICNIRP Guidelines that are considered “safe”. Sienkiewicz et al notes that with regards to research in this field,  “there is a crucial difference between epidemiology studies and laboratory work in terms of signals investigated: most people are exposed to a complex mixture of frequencies and signals at varying intensities, whereas the majority of animal studies have been performed using a single frequency or intensity.”  Are Exposures to Multiple Frequencies the Key to Future Radiofrequency Research?

Research on Smart Meters

Although there is a growing body of peer reviewed evidence that wireless non-ionizing microwave electromagnetic radiation is harmful to all living organisms at high and low exposures and to all organ systems there is virtually no research on Smart Meters themselves. Dr. Lamech, however, examined a government survey in Victoria, Australia looking at symptoms development after smart meters were installed.  One would expect adverse symptoms similar to electrosensitvity and this was confirmed by Frederica Lamech (2014).

She writes, “In 2006, the government in the state of Victoria, Australia, mandated the rollout of smart meters in Victoria, which effectively removed a whole population’s ability to avoid exposure to human-made high-frequency nonionizing radiation. This issue appears to constitute an unprecedented public health challenge for Victoria. By August 2013, 142 people had reported adverse health effects from wireless smart meters by submitting information on an Australian public Web site using its health and legal registers.”

After removing any ineligible participants without confirmed address, she took a survey of symptoms reported after the smart meters were placed. She found host of adverse physical health symptoms.  These symptoms had a negative effect on these peoples lives in terms of normal functioning. Notably only 8% of the 92 final group reported they had electrosensitivity prior to the installation of smart meters, which Dr. Lamech states, “… points to the possibility that smart meters may have unique characteristics that lower people’s threshold for symptom development.”   The most common reported symptoms were:

  • insomnia
  • headaches
  • tinnitus
  • fatigue
  • cognitive disturbances
  • dysesthesias (abnormal sensation)
  • dizziness

Dr. Lamech Research

  • Self-reporting of symptom development from exposure to radiofrequency fields of wireless smart meters in victoria, australia: a case series. (2014)  Lamech F. Altern There Health Med.  2014 Nov-Dec;20(6):28-39.

Research on EMR Exposure from Smart Meter: Within ICNIRP guidelines

All measurements done in the lab were well below ICNIRP reference level for the general public.  The issue that has been brought up by electrical engineers in that the radiofrequency radiation that ravels from the Smart Meter also apparently  travels through the wiring of the house setting up an electromagnetic field in all of the electrical wiring.  This could account for the symptoms felt by many when Smart Meters are placed.

  • Exposure to electromagnetic fields from smart utility meters in GB; part I) laboratory measurements. (2017) Peyman A et al.  Bioelectromagnetics. 2017 Mar 21.
  • Assessment of exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields from smart utility meters in GB; part II) numerical assessment of induced SAR within the human body. (2018) Quresho MRA et al. Bioelectromagnetics.  2018 Apr;39(3):200-216.


The Norwegian association Foreningen for EMF-reform is a small not-for-profit registered NGO, providing information on the domain of health and environmental impacts from electromagnetic fields from digital technologies. This comprehenisive report explains why EMF radiation is an environmental stressor and provides scientific resources and quotes from those who became electrosensitive after the introduction of smart meters. The authors bring together information from textbooks, research papers and expert opinions in court, and in addition report on measurements they commissioned professionals to undertake. They explain physics, electro-science, biology as well as industry strategies.  English translation provided April 2023.

To Download.


Dr. De-Kun Li Provides Testimony to the FCC on Smart Meter Harm.

Dr. De-Kun Li Testimonial Letter to FCC regarding electromagnetic radiation. Link inactive now.

Dr. De-Kun Li Testimony FCC– Docket2011-00262 link inactive now

Letter of complaint against Smart Meters UK Jan 23, 2023   

A compelling  letter was sent on January 23, 2023 from the UK EM Radiation Research Trust (RRT) to the Energy Supplier Chief Executive Officer and the UK Ombudsman. It starts as follows. 

“The UK EM Radiation Research Trust (RRT) would like to remind energy suppliers and the ombudsman that a smart meter is not a legal requirement and call upon you to revisit the UK Government’s official advice. Take a look at the Retail Energy Code advice. Here is a link to frequently asked questions.

Smart Meters and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

“Threats from supplier’s claiming the right to gain access into customer’s private homes to install a smart meter could be considered as harassment due to the anxiety and fear this may cause. The Radiation Research Trust (RRT) hand delivered a copy of the Smart Meter’s, Smarter Practices report directly to Number 10 Downing Street. This report highlights – The Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
Article 5.
“No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” “… feelings of fear, anguish and inferiority, capable of humiliating and debasing…and possibly breaking physical or moral resistance” that can be caused by degrading treatment (UK 1980) appear very similar to descriptions of how EHS individuals can feel when exposed to RF/microwave emissions as created by Smart Meter units (EMFSN 2011).

This suggests that deliberately exposing vulnerable individuals to such regimes may be against their basic Human Rights. ‘Security of person’ is legally defined as “The legal and uninterrupted enjoyment by a man of his life, his body, his health and his reputation.” Claims may be brought by some that enjoyment of life and health may be seriously compromised by the RF/microwave regimes created by some Smart Meters and related technologies.”

Letter of complaint against Smart Meters UK.

2012  Maine Smart Meter Survey Reveals Health Impacts

Richard Conrad, PhD, a John Hopkins biochemist, performed a health symptom survey of residents in Maine after installation of smart meters in 2012, in response to reports of neurologic symptoms in residents after the smart meters were placed . A constellation of symptoms of electrosensitivity  that were reported as severe included fatigue,  insomnia, difficulty concentrating, headaches, agitation, ringing in the ears, pressure in the head, tingling burning skin, heart racing, arrhythmia, memory problems. Here is testimony from one individual.

Before smart meters, I had worked in an office full of computers and wi-fi and had no electrical sensitivities. I had not even heard of electrical sensitivities, and had no concerns about smart meters. Both my wife and myself began to develop mysterious symptoms that we never had before, and then more than a week after the symptoms began, we discovered that smart meters had been installed before we first developed the symptoms. Because of smart meter exposure I am now extremely electrically sensitive and can no longer safely live in our San Francisco home. I went from being a perfectly healthy 35 year old to being electrically sensitive in a matter of weeks. The limitations of this condition are extraordinary. I do not know how much longer I will be able to work at my financial services firm. Nor do I know how much longer I will be able to live in a city or town with a cell phone tower. Once a person becomes sensitized to microwave radiation, life becomes completely different, and difficult. I have constant headaches, unless I am in nature. My ears ring if I am within miles of a cell tower. I have fatigue if I am around wi-fi for too long. Using a cell phone for calls or internet functions has become impossible. I used all of the above technology just 15 short months ago with no problems. I had no idea such technology could be harmful. Now my wife and I search for a safe place to live and I look back fondly on the days I could use a computer without symptoms. I know that many, many others are going through similar situations-all since installation of smart meters. Something must be done.”

Pennsylvania Public Utility Lawsuit over Smart Meter Mandates 2021

An Inconvenient Truth: Richard H. Conrad, Ph.D.  Pre- Filed Testimony to Maine PUC on smart Meters

Dr. Conrad, who received a Biochemistry degree from John Hopkins University and completed post graduate work at the Institute of Molecular Biophysics of Florida State University and in the Department of Biochemistry of Cornell University, gave clear and compelling expert testimony to the Maine Public Utilities Commission in 2013 regarding Smart Meters. He describes the key issues with development of electrosensitivity symptoms after the installation of Smart Meters, reporting on his own Smart meter survey. He dispels the myths of  electrosensitivity and provides scientific evidence that  electrosensitivity in NOT a nocebo effect.

Dr. Conrad notes, “If a government agency or a corporation was forcing the deployment of technology on citizens that was known in advance to cause disability or significant harm to one out of every 100 citizens, would this amount of harm be “acceptable” or would it be cause to halt such deployment? What would the probability of harm have to be to be prevent deployment? The actual acceptable limit chosen would probably be proportional to the perceived degree of necessity of the particular technology. Most technology is not as necessary as we think it is. There is always a safer design. The precautionary principle is the only ethical way to proceed.”


“Smart meters are sensitizing hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people all over the world to become Electrically HyperSensitive, regardless of the stubborn adherence of industry and the FCC to thermal “safety” standards. Their response to non-thermal evidence is to ignore, disregard, deny, and above all, disbelieve. They neither conduct nor support unbiased non-thermal effects research.” Dr. Conrad- Maine Public utilities Commission Testimony on Smart Meters. 2013.

Health Effects Reported with Smart Meters

Once these Smart Meters began to be installed in different states, reports of adverse health effects similar to electrosensitivity surfaced. These symptoms include fatigue, insomnia, poor concentration and heart palpitations. These are especially noted when Smart Meters are installed near where peoples heads are in the bedroom. When the Smart Meters were removed many people reported their symptoms resolved.  Some people have to leave there homes due to immediate severe adverse symptoms. Because of the widespread health effects that were observed, in addition to reports of inaccurate inflated billing and privacy issues, at least 24 states have a Smart Meter Opt Out Law of one degree or another . Smart Meter Opt Out Laws in 24 States  Massachusetts is one of the most recent states to consider a similar Bill-  S1684 Smart Meter Opt Out Massachusetts.


Building Biologist Eric Windheim on Smart Meters

Eric Windheim, certified Building Biologist in California discusses how he refused a smart meter along with useful advice on avoiding EMF’s, which he states is the fastest growing toxin in our world.

Andrew Marino Testimony to Pennsylvania Utilities Commission

Andrew Marino, a seasoned researcher on the biologic effects of electromagnetic fields, has both a PhD in biophysics as well as JD and stresses the need for burden of proof of safety vs harm.  In 2016 he provided comprehensive testimony on Smart Meters to the Pennsylvania Utilities Commission noting, From animal studies we can now see that essentially any biological system in the body can be altered by environmental-strength levels of any technical type of electromagnetic energy.” He also comments on the importance of basic research and the lack of usefulness of epidemiologic studies stating, “Such studies produce the most relevant type of scientific knowledge regarding health risks of electromagnetic energy because their conclusions apply directly to human beings. Nevertheless their probative value is far more limited compared with experimental studies. This limitation arises directly from the logical structure of epidemiological studies.”    He has authored many studies and articles  on electromagnetic effects that can be found at his website

Testimony Kirstin Beatty to the Massachusetts PUC outlining issues with Smart Meter infrastructure- Letter Kirstin Beatty Mass Public Utilitites Modernization 8:29:2020

Amicus Brief was filed in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to Oppose a Smart Meter Mandate 2021

An Amicus Brief was filed in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court  9/14/21 in support of a lawsuit challenging  a 2008 Pennsylvania law mandating Smart Meters.

The Amicus Brief includes

  • Medical, scientific and technical aspects arguing adverse effects from wireless radiation in Smart Meters.
  • Notes that the FCC guidelines can no longer be relied on for an assurance of safety as to non-cancer harm and harm to the environment. In CHD vs FCC United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia “ruled on August 13, 2021 for CHD and other petitioners in a case challenging the FCC’s 2019 decision affirming the adequacy of its RF guidelines for public health purposes. The court held that the FCC decision denying non-cancer harm was arbitrary, capricious and not evidence based.”
  • As the Guidelines Remand court noted, the FCC’s emissions limits do not satisfactorily consider electro-sensitivity9 or the effects of pulsation and modulation10 used by wireless technologies (like smart meters).
  • The state cannot lawfully force a customer to accept a smart or digital meter when mandatory installation results in disability discrimination, exacerbates existing impairments or forces people to abandon their home. There must be effective accommodation
  • Neither the Commission nor the utility can or should second-guess an attending physician’s finding of impairment and the need for RFR avoidance. That too is prohibited by disability laws.
  • Moving the smart meter to a more distant location in the yard would reduce the wireless RF exposure level inside the home. There would, however, still be RF emissions in the house and on the property.
  • The Court should ensure that those with electro-sensitivity receive accommodation in the form of an analog meter.

Lawrence Gust, President of the Board of Directors of the Building Biology Institute (BBI)  provided testimony and notes:

  • We have a unique perspective and specific protocols driven by our extensive science-based knowledge, methods as well as experience working with those who suffer. Every day we see the widespread sickness caused by wireless devices and infrastructure.
  • Most important, we know our methods significantly improve the health and well- being of those who must avoid RFR.
  • We often confront sickness caused or exacerbated by smart meters. Simply removing the meter often leads to immediate and consequential health improvement.
  • Many of our clients are unable to work because places of employment are saturated with wireless devices. They are unable to drive to work because roadways are flanked by cell towers irradiating passing vehicles with very high and ever-growing RF levels. They are unable to live in urban and suburban areas because houses are being irradiated by ever increasing numbers of cell phone antennas, neighbors’ wireless devices and – as here – from utility smart meters.
  • The FCC guidelines are not biologically-based and not evidence- based. The FCC guidelines do not address non-thermal effects or pulsation and they average exposure over 30 minutes (which hides the true biological response to exposure) and test for exposure from only one device.
  • I wrote to the FCC that the most significant frequent initial sensitizing event we have seen over the last two years has been the installation of smart meters.
  • The radiation from meters installed further away from the house still creates RF inside the house. The RF frequencies from the antenna and from the switch mode power supply are conducted through the house electric wiring. This pulsed RF radiation enters the living spaces through the floors, walls, and ceilings and via the power cords on all plugged-in electrical devices.
  • The only reasonable accommodation for those who suffer from pulsed RF radiation is an analog meter.

Silicon Valley Engineer Develops Electrosenstivity After a Smart Meter Bank Installed

Jeromy Johnson, a Silicon Valley Engineer from San Francisco, developed Electrosensitivity with headaches, insomnia, brain fog and fatigue after a bank of Smart Meters was placed adjacent to his bedroom. In the Ted Talk he ultimately participated in he relates his symptoms, his journey into the science, the outreach to others who have contacted him and industry influence.  His website is   Mr. Johnson is encouraging the design of safer products by the wireless industry.


Military Expert Jerry Flynn Reveals EMR and Smart Meter Secrets to Preserve Industrial Profit  

In this 2012 video below, high level retired military expert Jerry Flynn explains the history of military uses of pulsed electromagnetic radiation (radar) and reviews why wireless devices we use including smart meters, cell phones, baby monitors, Wi Fi routers that use pulsed 2.4GHz RF are harmful to biological processes and linked to chronic illness. He highlights other scientists warning that this is  “the single largest technological experiment the public has endured without their knowledge or consent”. He notes that scientist Dr. Robert Becker, who studied basic science of EMR and wrote The Body Electric warns,   ” I have no doubt in my mind that at the present  time the greatest polluting element in the earths environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields. I consider that to be far greater on a global scale than warming and the increase in chemicals in the environment.”

Jerry Flynn notes that industry has chosen wireless telecommunications for 2 reasons. 1) It is cheaper for them, thus more profitable and 2) The wireless radiation goes through walls. This means data gathering and surveillance are easy.  He points out that no government around the world has ever studied heath impacts on children. Despite no studies on Smart Meters these are now placed on our homes without our consent or choice. 


In a press release April 22, 2021, it is stated that PG and E refunded, by court order, “Opt Out” fees to Nina Beety, who is disabled by electromagnetic sensitivity, as an “unlawful surcharges against a disabled person (ADA Title II Technical Assistance Manual, II-1.3000 Relationship to title III)… She explained that EMF-emitting devices cause her disabling health effects. PG&E ignored Beety’s requests for disabled accommodation, and refused to allow residential customers to have analog, non-digital meters without paying a so-called “opt- out” fee. The family was forced to pay $415. in fees to avoid Smart Meters on their home.”

“It took facing a bankruptcy judge in court for PG&E to quit fighting and refund fees that were unlawful surcharges under the ADA and that discriminate against disabled people…

Beety said, “With this action, PG&E and other utilities must now halt their practice of charging unlawful “opt-out” surcharge fees to customers disabled by electromagnetic sensitivity or who have other EMF-sensitive medical conditions, and the companies must refund all unlawful surcharge fees already paid by these disabled customers. Utilities must allow the simple, readily achievable, and reasonable disabled accommodation of analog, electromechanical, non-digital utility meters for all disabled persons who require them.”

Opt Out Option in 24 States

Many citizens and community groups have organized in the United States and abroad to oppose and stop Smart Meter installations for several reasons, including health effects.  As noted above 24 states now have an opt out option. Reports of harassment and power being shut off has raised concern and awareness about this issue. Michigan is now in the middle of assessing their utility, DTE Energy Corporation, with testimony being entered into the record for 2018 (see below).  Massachusetts is the latest to propose legislation allowing opt outs for smart meters Massachusetts Bill S 1864 , S 1864-An Act relative to utilities, smart meters, and ratepayers’ rights.

All Smart Meter Opt-Out State Policies.,opt%20out%20prior%20to%20installation.   

California Opt-Out

In Northern  California you can call Pacific Gas and Electric  (PG&E) Opt Out Program at 1-866-743-0263 and ask to Opt Out or call your local utility.  People who do not wish to keep their Smart Meters in the 24 states that allow this can call their local utility as well to return back to an analogue meter with a human meter reader.  Note that municipalities vary even in states to allow opting out of Smart Meters.

Michigan Senator Patrick Colbeck Sponsors Wireless Forum

On Dec 4, 2018 Senator Colbeck sponsored a groundbreaking international wireless forum, with speakers discussing all aspects of wireless technology including Smart Meters. This is the first of its kind forum in the depth and breadth of this issue.  Senator Colbeck states this is the most important environmental issue of our time as it affects every human. He also notes the first steps of awareness of wireless technology, similar to grieving:

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

Senator Colbeck then relates the need to depoy this technology in a safe manner.

Wireless Technology Forum Dec 4, 2018: To view the entire speaker series and panel discussion go here

Electrical Engineer Bill Bathgate on Health and Safety Issues with Smart Meters, Dec 4, 2018

At the Dec 4, 2018 Wireless Forum sponsored by Michigan Senator Patrick Colbeck Here is an eyeopening video of Bill Bathgate, an electrical engineer, reviewing smart meters and how these can be not only a health hazard but also a fire hazard.

Diana Ostermann Smart Grid Talk to Local Citizens

SMART METERS: Michigan Stop Smart Meters – Diana Ostermann Provides Detailed Information on  Smart Meters and How They Work, interference, dirty electricity and more. Technical thorough 1 hour video posted June 13, 2013.


Smart Meters: A National Crisis?

This article in Health Impact News  discusses Smart Meters in detail showing an engineer directly measuring the difference between Smart Meters and Cell Towers. Smart Meters: Countdown to a National Crisis of Illness and Death. April 15, 2018. The author, John Thomas, MPH, calls the nationwide installation of smart meters a time bomb ticking, as the harmful effects are cumulative, taking 5 to 10 years of exposure to cause life altering illness.

 Smart Meters: Countdown to a national Crisis of Illness and Death. Health Impact News. July 16, 2017. 

National Organizations Working on Smart Meter Choice and Wired Technology

All Smart Meter Opt-Out State Policies.,opt%20out%20prior%20to%20installation.

Americans for Responsible Technology

BroadBand International Legal Action Network

Citizens for Health

Environmental Health Trust

Grassroots Environmental Education

Manhattan Neighbors for Safer Telecommunications

Massachusetts for Safe Technology. OR

National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy  (publisher of Re-Inventing Wires: The Future of Landlines and Networks). OR Reinventing Wires: The Future of Landlines and Networks.

New Yorkers 4 Wired Tech

Smart meter Education Network-Michigan        OR SB 4220 Smart Meter Opt Out

Virginians for Safe Technology OR Say NO to Smart Meters

Wired Broadband, Inc.

How Smart Meters Work

Experienced engineer and lecturer Rob States describes below how Smart Meters  and the mesh network is created in neighborhoods. He discusses how Smart Meters can increase exposure to potentially harmful microwave radiation. In addition, he looks at how Italy uses somewhat different “smart meters”  that do not emit microwave radiation.

The “Dark Side ” of Smart Meters . Robert States describes the many dilemmas with Smart Meters including health, privacy and home security.

Are There Safer Smart Meters? Truckee California is Testing This

Jeromy Johnson, on his website,  Do You Have a Smart Meter?,  examines conventional Smart Meters versus newer models put in Truckee, California, that transmit infrequently and only once a month when the truck reader comes by. Are these safer?  The question remains, however the Truckee Donner PUD aims to ” have the least amount of RF in their community as possible.” They also allow Opt Outs to any of its customers and they do not force this untested technology on their residents.

Dr. David Carpenter on Smart Meters and Health

Public health expert and Harvard Professor Dr. David Carpenter explains that  there are no studies showing long term safety of Smart meters.

Smart Meter Versus Fruit Tree

This non-scientific observational testimonial video from EMF demonstrates what scientists have found with non-thermal cell tower radiation effects on trees.  There are widespread environmental effects now emerging in peer reviewed journals. For Scientific Literature Environmental Effects see


Privacy, Hacking, Fire and Billing Concerns 


Privacy of utility billing and usage has been a consumer priority. Third party regulations lag behind in many states, however, some have put in place laws that afford some protection of information. The California Public Utilities Commission was the first to establish rules to protect the privacy and security of customer smart meter usage data to third parties. Unfortunately, when electricity data is transferred to a third party, utilities can no longer reasonably protect that information.



Hacking of smart meters has been reported for many years. In 2009 a series of hacking incidents was reported in Puerto Rico  where smart meters were altered and settings changed to reduce electricity bills.  The FBI got involved at that time.  Hackers with not much sophistication according to experts can take control of your electricity as well as any IoT devices that are connected. Hackers RF device fools the “Smart Meter” into thinking it is a cell tower.   IoT devices have unique signature loads and this information can be linked to personal information useful to police but also to others for surveillance purposes. Legitimate hacking concerns surround identity theft, burglary and vandalism. Encryption is now used but experts agree that there is no 100% hack proof system.



Cybersecurity is an ongoing problem, despite encryption. The hackers are keeping up with more sophisticated technology. Having data in the “Cloud” is no assurance of security as well.



Invasive surveillance makes consumers and the ACLU uncomfortable. A recent May 2018 article in the North Jersey USA Today states “Electric cars take the surveillance potential one step further, according to Kate Connizzo of the ACLU in Vermont, one of six states with more than 80 percent residential smart-meter penetration.  “Determining how much electricity was required to recharge an electric car, and extrapolating from that how far it had traveled, would seem to be a pretty simple matter,” said Connizzo. “Put all this together with such devices as automated license plate readers, surveillance cameras, facial recognition technology, and you construct a detailed record of a person’s movements and activities.”



Fires and explosions have also been reported with smart meters that overload. This is another potential risk. EMF Safety Network has complied a list of smart meter fires. Installing smart meters takes expertise and time. According to an interview with a former Wellington Energy employee who installed smart meters, there was improper training. If the smart meter is placed too close to a gas line there could be arcing with resultant explosion.

Eight fires were documented by The Coalition to Stop Smart Meters in British Columbia. In a 2017 comprehensive report BCUC & SMART METER FIRES: THE FAILURE TO PROTECT

The author notes:

  1. Smart Meters in BC have never been independently certified by any agency as safe
  2. Smart Meters are being removed from the scene of fires without electrical inspections
  3. No agency is tracking fires
  4. Smart meters have burned, melted, and caused house fires 

Palo Alto Power surge raises questions about SmartMeters: East Palo Alto electricity surge burnt out digital meters. Palo Alto Weekly. Sept 6, 2011.

Billing Issues

While cities across the country have spent tens of millions of dollars “upgrading”  water metering systems, residents have frequently reported increased billing as soon as advanced water meters have been installed. The utilities have attributed this to leaks in the system or home renovations, which homeowners have found not to be the case.

San Diego Lawsuits Over Smart Meters: For Electricity, Then Water and Now for Everything

As Smart Meter systems are being installed in cities, there has been no premarket testing of these devices and no consideration for privacy or cybersecurity. All are significant threats to the health and wellbeing of the communities where these have been and are soon to be installed.

Electric Monitoring: In 2012 A San Diego Woman filed a lawsuit after her Smart Meter was installed and she became ill with symptoms typical of electrosensitivity.  Smart Meter Lawsuit Filed in Federal Court by San Diegan

Water Monitoring Smart Meters: This 2018 lawsuit challenges where they money for these meters is coming from and rate increases.  Environment Report: Lawsuit Targets Smart Water Meters

Population Monitoring: Jan 2018. New “Smart” monitoring equipment has been placed on streetlights in San Diego to monitor the sounds and sights of those in the city, as well as temperature, humidity and air pollution which will be uploaded to AT&T cloud. They claim it will save energy.  San Diego Installs Smart Streetlights to Monitor the Metropolis


Testimony Smart Meters

Michigan  House Energy Policy Committee Hearing 1/16/18 Smart Meters

Michigan residents testify about harassment by DTE Energy Corporation,  with many testifying to poor customer service, lack of communication, un-consented removal of analogue meters with placement of  Smart Meter as well as people having their power abruptly shut off.

At time 43:49  A 90 year old woman and her caretaker discuss how her power was shut off for 2 weeks in November 2014.

At time 1:00:00  A woman discusses the lack of communication with the DTE when she requested keeping her Smart Meter due to health issues with ultimate shutting off of her power.

At time  1:17:15 A  doctor discusses her electrosensitivity and the lack of knowledge and respect for her condition from DTE when her power was shut off because of her refusal to have a Smart Meter.

Michigan Senator Patrick J. Colbeck Speaks on concerns about Smart Meters as a Part of Smart Grid and support for HR 4220 to allow Opt Out, March 9, 2017

Michigan Senator Patrick J. Colbeck discusses security threats and consumer protections regarding Smart Meters and a Smart Grid. He highlights a study done in California on failure mode and effects analysis showing that the power to our homes, offices and businesses is put at risk by using Smart Meters. Analogue meters do not carry this risk.  He puts Smart Meter risks in three broad categories- National Security, Business Liability and Family Security.  He quotes former CIA Director James Woolsley, ” A so called “Smart Grid” that is as vulnerable as what we’ve got is not smart at all. It’s a really stupid grid.” Business risks to their operation include “threats of terrorism” and  “Cyber attacks”. These are listed in the Michigan DTE 10K filing. “Technology systems are vulnerable to disability or failures, due to hacking, viruses, acts of war…”  Regarding Family risks there are No surge protectors thus risking fires, no conducted emissions filter leading to early appliance failure,  Cyber security back-door access for hackers, no circuit breaker between the meter and the power source.

Michigan Senator Patrick J. Colbeck Speaks in Support of Smart Meter Choice for Opt Out, Nov 10, 2016

Senator Patrick Colbeck speaks in support of property rights to allow property owners the choice of having a Smart Meter during the November 10, 2016 session. He notes that there are many reasons citizens wish to have an analogue meter rather than a Smart Meter. These concerns include privacy, health, accurate pricing and  data hacking on usage profiles. He states this comes down to property rights and the ability of people to refuse a device that causes substantial harm. Senator Colbeck notes there is no substantial harm in letting people have a choice.

Dr. Martin Pall Testimony in Massachusetts on Smart Meters

Dr. Martin Pall, Professor Emeritus at Washington State University and author of many papers on EMR on cellular structures, testifies June 20, 2017 in Massachusetts on Smart Meter bill SB1864.

Power Cut off in 4 North Carolina Homes as They Refuse Smart Meters.

On June 28, 2018, four Asheville North Carolina homes had their power cut off for refusing Smart meters. No advanced notice was given according to the residents. They state they had signed a  notarized document requesting removal of smart meters and replacement with analogue meters.

Smart Meters, Dirty Electricity and Disease

Dr. Sam Milham, physician, epidemiologist and author of the book Dirty Electricity,  is featured here, explaining smart meter devices, dirty electricity and adverse health effects.  Informative. Research papers he highlights can be found on his website Sam Milham Research Papers.


” I have no doubt in my mind that at the present  time the greatest polluting element in the earths environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields. I consider that to be far greater on a global scale than warming and the increase in chemicals in the environment.”