SB649 Vetoed by Governor Brown


The last veto Governor Brown made just before midnight Oct 15, 2017 was that of SB649 (Hueso) which would have fast tracked permitting of small cell towers throughout cities in California. SB649 was opposed by the League of Cities and County Associations as it would essentially force cites to comply with telecommunications placement of cell towers on utility poles owned by the public, add battery back-up cabinets (with gas generators as needed) on every block and with a limit on what cities could charge for “renting” the poles.

This bill was also opposed by a number of scientists, physicians and environmental groups concerned with the growing evidence of biological and health harm from increasing wireless radiofrequencies in addition to public fire safety of these cell towers and associated equipment. Here is the Mercury News story.

Governor Jerry Brown vetoes bill easing permits on cell phone towers, Mercury News October 15, 2017