In a newly released study large prospective study from Kaiser, researcher Dr. De-Kun Li found an association between high magnetic field exposures from devices emitting non-ionizing radiation exposure and miscarriage risk. The study    published in Scientific Reports,  Exposure to Magnetic Field Non-Ionizing Radiation and the Risk of Miscarriage: A Prospective Cohort Study examined  the real-world exposures of 913 pregnant women and found after controlling for multiple other factors, women who were exposed to higher MF levels had 2.72 times the risk of miscarriage. The increased risk of miscarriage associated with high magnetic fields was consistently observed regardless of the sources of high magnetic fields.

Dr Li  notes that this is one of only a few studies which have accurately measured exposure to magnetic fields from  non-ionizing radiation.  Dr. Li said. states “This study provides fresh evidence, directly from a human population, that MF non-ionizing radiation could have adverse biological impacts on human health.” He adds “This finding has made it more difficult to continue to dismiss possible biological effects of MF exposure.”

The study was reported in the San Francisco Chronicle by Sophie Hague Radiation typical of cell phones and Wi-Fi linked to high rate of miscarriages Dec 16, 2017 and also on Dec 21, 2017 by  Caille Millner  Avoiding EMF radiation not as easy as quitting smoking. 

The Science Daily also wrote about this Dec 13, 2017 in Health risks linked to electromagnetic field exposure