Dr. Martin Blank (1933-2018): Author of “Overpowered” passes

Dr. Martin Blank, associate professor of physiology and cellular biophysics at Columbia University, NIHS researcher, and author of the seminal book “Overpowered” passed at the age of 85 of natural causes.  He is a leading expert in the field of electromagnetic radiation and a strong advocate for precaution and stronger regulation of wireless technologies.  His well written and concise book “Overpowered”,  is often advised as the first to read to gain an understanding of the complex subject of electromagnetic radiation we use every day. He has helped to lay the foundation for others to continue research on the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, and inspire an international effort to defend the environment and public health against corporate interests.

Dr. Blank was an advisor and spokesperson to the International EMF Scientists Appeal.  In this video for the appeal, he warns that this widely used wireless technology causes cellular DNA damage, silently harming the public and the environment.  As electromagnetic radiation is escalating with more wireless devices, he and over 200 other scientists have implored the World Health Organization to develop more protective guidelines.  Dr. Blank is survived by his wife Marion, sons, Jonathan and Ari, daughter, Donna and his siblings Esther and Efrom.

Here is the link to read Dr. Martin Blank’s Obituary. He will be fondly remembered.