Medical Association Adopts Recommendations for Best Practices for Safe Technology in Schools  

March 2023 the Santa Clara County Medical Association (SCCMA), in California, adopted comprehensive Recommendations for Best Practices for Safe Technology in Schools in order to educate physicians, school officials and teachers of the complex health risks and potential health hazards of digital and wireless technology in schools. The group examined research on the broad impacts of digital technology including health effects of exposure to wireless radiation, eye effects, mental health effects, privacy and impacts on academic performance. Recognizing the importance of protecting children’s health in all environments, including schools, several recommendations for best practices were advised.  

SCCMA Best Practice Recommendations for Safe Tech in Schools Include

  • Creating a “Safe Tech in Schools Program” to educate students and staff on how to use devices safely and reduce wireless use in the classroom
  • Using blue light reduction methods to reduce eye strain
  • Establishing and promoting school cell phone-free policies
  • Preferring and installing hard-wired ethernet devices instead of wireless wherever possible
  • Consulting with an RF professional who can measure radiofrequency radiation
  • Avoiding installation of smart meters on school premises
  • Considering a policy to restrict installation of cell towers on school property