Cuban Diplomats Likely Hit by Microwave Weapons, New York Times Reports

Disturbing and sometimes incapacitating neurologic symptoms have been experienced by American and Canadian diplomats in Cuba since late 2015 and in American diplomats in China more recently this year.  A New York Times front page article Sept 1, 2018, eerily describes what researchers and physicians have discovered to be the likely cause in this international story that reads like a spy novel. Initially it was felt that these strange and varied symptoms could be due to sonic attacks as people reported hearing clicking and high pitched chirping, as well as feeling symptoms including headaches, nausea and dizziness, during the episodes, with long term effects of hearing loss, ringing in the ears and fatigue. Experts are now pointing to focused beams of targeted man-made pulsed microwave radiation penetrating the walls of the homes and hotels of the 21 diplomats studied. The long term effects are consistent with known cellular and oxidative damage from radiofrequency radiation, as Dr. Beatrice Golomb highlights in her recent article to be published Sept 15, 2018.

Microwave Hearing

Allan Frey, a biologist at Cornell University was the first to discover and publish papers on “microwave hearing” while working on radar equipment at General Electric’s Advanced Electronics Center. In the 1970’s. This sonic hearing was found at levels below what are considered today safe exposure standards. Frey was later invited to the Soviet Union to discuss these effects at the Soviet Academy of Sciences. Not long after, our Defense Intelligence Agency warned that the soviets were developing a new class of psychophysical microwave weapons which could be beamed from afar and temporarily or permanently harm the nervous system.  Our own Air Force scientists found they could beam comprehensible speech into a person’s brain, and were given a patent in 2002 for this technology destined for “psychological warfare”.

In late 2016, following a breakdown in Cuba and U.S. relations, U.S. diplomats and their families began experiencing unusual high pitched sounds in their hotel rooms and homes. This was accompanied by incapacitating headaches, fatigue, and insomnia. The medical team that examined them published a peer reviewed article in the Journal of the American Medical Association in March 2018 describing their symptoms. They state, “retrospective case series, persistent cognitive, vestibular, and oculomotor dysfunction, as well as sleep impairment and headaches, were observed among US government personnel in Havana, Cuba, associated with reports of directional audible and/or sensory phenomena of unclear origin. These individuals appeared to have sustained injury to widespread brain networks without an associated history of head trauma.”

Mystery Illness: Microwave Illness

University of California San Diego Professor Dr. Beatrice Golomb, after extensively researching the health effects of microwave radiation has provided the most comprehensive explanation for the diplomat’s mystery illness. In an upcoming article in the October 2018 issue of Neural Computation, she lays out the case for neurological effects from radiofrequency radiation. She notes the variety of symptoms reported by diplomats is consistent with effects seen in those with microwave illness and radio frequency exposure. This condition is also known as electrosensitivity (ES) or electrohypersensitivity (EHS).

Symptoms and Signs Compatible with Electrosensitivity

According to an American Academy of Advancement of Sciences press release,  Dr. Golomb stated “The specifics of the varied sounds that the diplomats reported hearing during the apparent inciting episodes, such as chirping, ringing and buzzing, cohere in detail with known properties of so-called ‘microwave hearing,’ also known as the Frey effect… And the symptoms that emerged fit, including the dominance of sleep problems, headaches and cognitive issues, as well as the distinctive prominence of auditory symptoms. Even objective findings reported on brain imaging fit with what has been reported for persons affected by RF/MW radiation.” She adds the toxic reaction is “tied to mitochondrial alteration and oxidative stress”.

Dr. Golomb noted that the diplomats symptoms are similar to those of EHS (headache , insomnia, cognitive problems, dizziness, nausea, along with balance, speech and vision impairment and nosebleeds). In addition the rate of symptoms among diplomats is consistent with those of EHS reported in the literature.  “Headache 81% vs 81%, Sleep problems 86% vs 76%, Irritability 67% vs 56%, Nervousness/Anxiety 52% vs 56%, Dizziness 67% vs 64%, Tinnitus 57% vs 63%.”  In addition, she notes that “the repudiation of psychogenic causation in the evaluation of diplomats, which holds for  RF/MW affected persons as well.”

NASA Has Reported Symptoms of Microwave Illness in Radar Personnel

A similar complex of variable symptoms was reported decades ago in military personnel occupationally exposed to microwave radar signals. There is robust and expanding literature on the adverse health and environmental effects of microwave radiation we are commonly exposed to in our homes and near cell towers. Manmade electromagnetic radiation affects basic cellular processes of all living organisms via complex non-thermal mechanisms and not surprisingly can be used as a military weapon with higher power.

It is common knowledge that high frequency millimeter wavelengths (95GHz) are used by the military for non-lethal crowd control (active denial system). 5G technology is in the same high frequency group (6GHz-100GHz). Our current 3G and 4G microwave technology uses longer wavelengths. It is not clear what frequencies were used on the diplomats, if this was an attack or for surveillance, nor is it clear who the perpetrators were. What is becoming apparent is that electrosensitivity is a real medical diagnosis with common symptoms. Physicians now have a lightly traveled path of peer reviewed documentation leading to diagnosis and treatment of this condition. The Austrian Medical Association has written the most detailed compendium on this subject as they recognize that  “Physicians are increasingly confronted with health problems from unidentified causes”. Their  EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016 for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses  links electrosensitivity with chemical sensitivity in common mechanisms of harm and biomarkers.

Electrosenstivity in an Expanding Wireless Environment

It is problematic that the rapid and unobstructed deployment of 5G millimeter technology is being pushed by the telecommunications industry in congress (S 3157) without premarket study of health or environmental effects, without provisions for post market study,  without precautions and without appropriate public input. We are already saturated with 3G and 4G technology, also without pre or post market study. What happens to those electrosensitive individuals as wireless systems expand? Will we be able to have Wi Fi free and cell tower free zones where they are able to live or shop?  What are the long term effects of this wireless radiation on the rest of us who do not sense this radiation? These military revelations prompt more questions and inquiry regarding short and long term effects of wireless technology on public health and the environment. Should we be more thoughtful about how and where we use this technology? There are safer alternatives such as in Reinventing Wires.  5G is poised to appear on a street corner near you.  There remain many more questions than answers about this technology.  We should all be asking them to our local, state and federal representatives before these blanket our neighborhoods.

Update 3/15/19

Diplomats in China report similar brain injuries as Americans in Cuba: 60 Minutes

The popular show 60 Minutes aired a show on March 15, 2019 “Diplomats in China report similar brain injuries as Americans in Cuba” . Catherine Werner, a US diplomat in China suffered the same symptoms as those in Havana. She reported headaches, nose bleeds, vomiting, ringing in the ears, difficulty recalling words. When her mother came to stay with her for 3 months, she soon developed the same symptoms and severe illness. Even the dogs started vomiting.  China Diplomat Suffers Microwave Illness-60 mInutes



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