In the War on Insects: Nature Becomes Silent

“Our ill-fated desire to control nature as well as our tendency to ignore our own complicity in its destruction for profit was the focus of a seminal 1962 book, “Silent Spring”. … Rachel Carson, a marine biologist, and author of  “Silent Spring”, was first a lover of nature and a poet. Through her astute observations of nature, careful documentation and gifted writing, she was able to bring attention to the devastating and long lasting effects of pesticides which continue to impact all wildlife and species, including humans… There are many similarities between the silent spring created in cities and farms from pesticides and that of wireless technology with the rapid and widespread adoption of cell towers.” Wireless Silent Spring, Cindy Russell, MD.

Wireless Technology Acts as an Environmental Toxin

Wireless Silent Spring was published in the October 2018 issue of the Santa Clara County Medical Association Bulletin. This article serves as one of many warnings of the dangers of wireless technology which is engulfing our homes, neighborhoods and now wild areas. Dr. Cindy Russell, the author of the article, discusses the scientific evidence and observations regarding the impacts of wireless technology on the environment including birds, bees, amphibians and plants.  Scientists have discovered that many animals use the Earth’s low energy magnetic field to navigate and that the increase in manmade artificial pulsed electromagnetic fields interferes with bird and bee navigation. The resonance effect explains why 5G technology is especially harmful to insects. These are among the many aspects of wireless radiation impacts described in the article.

Pesticides and Wireless Technology Parallels

Dr. Russell carefully examines the many parallels between the introduction, harm and industry deception in the use of pesticides noted in Rachel Carson’s  “Silent Spring” and wireless technology. Several scientific review articles are highlighted and specific recommendations from scientists listed. A full list of references is provided.

Wireless Silent Spring- Color Graphic version

Wireless Silent Spring- Black and White version


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